BATMAN Vs JOKER Epic Rap Battle With LEGO Batman And LEGO Joker By Epic Toy Channel

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Yo Joker, you’re in for it now
You’re a failed, clown college clown
You’re doomed to a life of crime
And now, you’re going to serve jail time

I got more Robins then Baskin Robins Ice Cream
I got more copters than the NY PD
Alfred hooks me up with tech on the daily
You and Harley are nothing but crazy

Yeah… take that
Gotham City
Mic drop..
Is that what you’re supposed to say?
What’s happens next?

Ratatatatat are you a mouse or a bat
You talk a tough game and I’m tired of that
Arkham Asylum, could never hold me
No matter how many times you try to scold me

You got copters, but I got a lot of crazy
Me and Harley Quinn have never but lazy
We’re tearing up the streets on Gotham City
And when we take over it aint gonna be pretty

You messed with the wrong clown

Joker, You’re in for it now
Teen Titans it’s time to surround
We’ll get you, once and for all
When you’re in jail you’ll get one final call

Commissioner Gordon will once again praise me
And then he’ll give me the key to the city
Superman will leave this place once at for all
Just pick your favorite Arkham Asylum prison stall

Batboy, we’ve had beef for along time
But you seem, to forget every time
Your words, mean nothing to me
Try as you must, but you you’ll never catch me

Teen Titans? They’re helping you out
You need the help of these drop outs?
They used to be tough, but now they’re just silly
Batman, you need them.. really?

Teen Titans, are not drop outs
They’re highly trained successful young sprouts
They’re funny yes, but they’re really not silly
Is that the best you got? Honestly.. really?

I’ve got more cars than a Hyundai dealership
I got more planes the a navy cargo ship
I got more caves than a caving tour trip
I got more cash than a guy who house flips

(Guitar Solo)

Guitar Solo? Really.. right now?
In a rap battle, Batman, wow
Your out of touch, with the people of Gotham
They’ll rejoice, once I’ve finally got em

Yes. I distracted you with guitar
Now you, think I’m a rock star
And cops, raided your laugh house
Took your weapons and you’re heading to the jail house

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