Batman VS Big O | DEATH BATTLE Cast

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The DEATH BATTLE Cast dives into Power Rangers VS Voltron and who would win between Batman and Big O!

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  1. Eh, Happy adds to the series in a few ways, he’s a lot less useless than most ‘chibi pet’ characters in his position.

  2. Here’s my question: Natsu has shown no limit to how much fire he can eat (besides “corrupted” fire). Ace hasn’t shown a limit to how much fire he can produce. Nastu doesn’t have Haki, so he can’t hurt Ace when he becomes intangible. Ace can’t hurt Natsu, because Natsu’s durability feats are off the charts. Is this just gonna be a stalemate?

  3. Hellbat armor would WRECK Big O, no contest. Also, the most powerful Disney villain is Hades. He’s literally a god.

  4. Batman has been able to sneak around Superman before by changing his heart rythm, if we arent using prep time how would BIg O be able to be summoned would that require a call or something to summon? which then would give batman the time he needs to prepare.

  5. if Smith cam call his mach’ then surly batman can call his hulk buster suit augment’s and lets not forget his EMP grenades he carries to deal with Androids.. dam that utiltty belt.

  6. The “Bigs” can’t erase existence. The girl doesn’t piolet big Venus. she is big Venus. their world was a computer simulation. unfortunately the show was never completed. that’s why the ending is confusing. great show by the way. I loved the soundtrack.


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