Batman Vs Bane (Batman Rebirth Vol 2: I Am Suicide)

Batman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, and first appeared in Detective Comics #27.

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  1. The DC editors and writers don’t understand their own confusing continuity.
    This version of Batman never had his back broken by Bane. The Bronze Age
    Batman (Earth One) from New Earth fought Bane in the Knightfall storyline.
    It is impossible for the New 52 Batman (Prime Earth) to be the same version
    of Batman who fought Bane. If he is the same New Earth Batman why is it he
    doesn’t know the pre-52 Superman, who is the New Earth Superman now living
    on Prime Earth, who assisted in preventing the original Crisis on Infinite
    Earths according to the Convergence event? DC claims Batman did not get a
    reboot, so explain this inconsistency. I have been collecting comics for 34
    years, and I have never been this disappointed in Marvel and DC comics. How
    may story arcs are they delete from the main continuity to gobble up our
    dollars and sense?

  2. OK, I’m gonna say it… My suspension of disbelief would have a way easier
    time with Batman figuring out a way to beat down hundreds of guys at once
    than him getting beat down and having his back broken only to be relatively
    fine and walking around again in the same issue or story arc.

  3. i liked “i am suicide” arc but i wish the video showed how batman recovered
    from a broken back and escaped bane’s cell at the same time… because it
    was kind of hilarious

  4. 5:28 make an ocean’s eleven inspired batman story, that’s a good idea, if
    they make it into a movie, george clooney could play batm- oooh wait

  5. “Woody??”
    The puppet’s name was Scarface!
    Jesus fuck, Rob, it even says so in the pictures you put in this damn video!
    Try reading the comics you review, dude…

  6. This was a fun story and it’s nice to see Bane get a little of what he
    gives. A couple of little things….Ventriloquist’s puppet is Scarface. And
    Jewlee is pronounced Jew-Lee….Like the name Julie.

  7. Great vid Rob. Honestly, your new way of presenting is (to me) perfect.
    You have finessed your methods so well that I feel as though I’m in the
    room with you.

    There isn’t any awkward breathing or sounds, mouth sounds… smacking or
    breaks and pauses. It’s just enthusiasm and excitement.

    It’s been evident within the last few months anyway… just wanted to write
    out a quick message. Keep up this format. Works well.

    Side note, Bane breaks Batman’s back again… 1 bad idea can ruin a series
    of good ones.


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