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Batman v Superman vs Daredevil Season 2? Can Netflix Marvel take out the 2016 movie?! Plus Top Ten Movies 2016!

Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the latest movie news today! Rumor has it that Daredevil Season 2 will debut the same day as Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice! Can Marvel Netflix actually hurt the box office for Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice?! Plus Fandango releases the results of their poll for the Top Ten Movies of 2016! Do you think Batman v Superman should be worried about Daredevil Season 2? And do you agree with the results of this Top Ten Movies 2016 poll? Be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Fandango Poll Results:
‘Rogue One’, ‘Finding Dory’ Among Most Anticipated 2016 Movies: Fandango Survey

The Rock’s Baywatch Social Media:

BvS vs Daredevil?! – 00:58
Fandango 2016 Poll Results – 5:53
Baywatch’s new CJ Parker – 14:35
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  1. Grace if you don't want the Prime free trial to renew just go into your account settings and set it to not renew automatically or you can set so it can remind you that it will renew with in the next 3 days before it does.

  2. I was just talking with a colleague at work who who also believes "Batman vs Superman" is going to resonate with everyone. We grew up on the "SuperFriends." It's what we know, and with Wonder Woman in the mix, it only makes it more exciting. I'm an fan of "Daredevil" but I am not missing opening weekend of Batman vs Superman over it. Daredevil will be there for for YEARS on Netflix. I think I will be fine. Plus, I think it's the HEIGHT of arrogance on the part of Marvel to presume that most peeps would choose Daredevil over opening weekend for Batman Vs. Superman. Classless on the part of Marvel, and I DO hope they read this post because yes, I'm calling them classless. I know some peeps think this is a "team" thing. I simply don't care about the contrived Marvel vs DC, "whose third leg is bigger" squabbles. Those kinds of squabbles are for children. Like two year olds fighting over a favorite teddy bear. All that squabbling is intended to do, as Grace likes to characterize "weaponize" fandom one way or another, but all fans do is shoot themselves in in their own asses. As fans, we've asked for, and in some instances, BEGGED Hollywood to make the kinds of comic book films we wanted and they did. Some we like, some we don't, but no matter what I take my money and go out and see a comic book film at least once, because I want to show my support to Hollywood that I want more comic books films made. So let's all stop the "Marvel vs DC squabbling please, and just support, otherwise, we are going to get nothing because Hollywood owes us nothing.

  3. BvS vs. Daredevil? The biggest winner would be Netflix.Also nice for the TV vs. Films rivalry. It sends the message: "Hey TV can compete with multi-millionaire blockbusters movies"And it can take away some social media presence for BvS. All things considered, it can be a good move for Marvel. But I doubt it happens.

  4. BTW: I think because of the widespread appeal of "Batman vs. Superman, even though I know it will do well at the box office I think it will do shockingly well at the box office, like Jurassic World shock-level. That's what peeps who are salivating over the box office performance of Star Wars just don't get. For ALL of the marketing saturation that Disney did for Star Wars, it had better perform and perform extremely well. NO ONE, however, saw the performance at the box office Jurassic World brought, and let's not even talk about Furious 7, and it is because of this box office "shock and awe" performance by Jurassic World is what makes Jurassic World's box office feat a feat.

  5. Love your show Grace! Been watching since 2012. Always the first thing I watch after work. Was wondering if you've heard anything about the 'Shadow Of The Colossus' film. Josh Trank was set to direct but then left the film to do Fantastic 4. Whoops! I read that the director of 'Mama' is attached to the project now but can't find anything else about it. It's a masterpiece . More art than game really. Would love to hear your thoughts and keep up the great work! Thanks!

  6. I don't know if Daredevil will hurt BvS… Netflix and film seem like two different mediums, with different viewing behaviours. At least to me, I feel like I don't have to choose between the two.

  7. Hi Grace- I LOVE your videos and watch every day. I have a question about the Oscars. It is hard to argue the Leonardo DiCaprio is probably the most overdue active actor when it comes to winning an Oscar. With all signs pointing to Leo winning this year for the Revenant, who becomes the most overdue active actor? Keep up the great work!!

  8. BVS will only attract comic book fans. I think most cinema goers who are used to Chris Nolan's Batman will find BVS a little silly.

  9. unrelated, but I just wanna say that I watch your videos on full volume so much that my 9-year-old practically memorized your intro for MMN and can repeat it, with intonations and all :D


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