Batman v Superman Trailer 2 ALL EASTER EGGS (Dawn of Justice Trailer ANALYZED)


We have ALL the Batman vs. Superman Trailer Easter Eggs! Doomsday reveal! Every Batman vs. Superman Easter Egg and Reference about the Batman vs. Superman plot aka the Dawn of Justice as in the Justice League!

DC’s Batman vs. Superman movie has lots of Superman and Dark Knight references. In the movie Batman vs. Superman we see a fight between the two, yes, but also Doomsday shows up to fight. Wonder Woman is there to help too, but look out for our villain Lex Luthor. We have all them and more in our Batman vs. Superman Trailer Analysis, hot off the tail of Marvel’s Captain America Civil War trailer. Battle of the superhero trailers!

This Batman vs. Superman trailer has so much hidden meaning, easter eggs, and references. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent finally meet thanks to Lex Luthor’s party (also attended by Gal Gadot?) Will we learn more about Batman’s gun? Is that a Batman grenade launcher? If this is the Doomsday reveal, then when will we see Darkseid (not Darkside) Watch out for his parademons too. Can’t wait to see what Batman’s dream aka his Knightmare is all about!





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  1. hey guys wait!I know the plot twist!It looks like their seeing doomsday for the first time.when that happened superman was killed, so what if their merging both flims together!hits blunt bbbrrooo

  2. Hm…Anyone finds the word choice in "If man WON'T kill God…" interesting. It was "won't", not "can't"…Suppose Lex was referring to Batman as "man", that could be hinting at the out come of the battle between Supes and Bat…Anyway, just my 2 cents

  3. I've had time to digest the shock from last week when this trailer 1st hit. I was pissed that they gave away as much as they did but after repeated reviews and breakdowns of all the tid bits…..I think, I hope, that WB is willing to give away this much because it's not even the good stuff, there is something bigger and better waiting. I know the flash, aquaman, cyborg and the whole justice League is big and yes Darkseid would be awesome in some end credit scene, but what if there's something bigger……Crisis anyone? Maybe the desert scene's with goggle batman and army leading superman is not a nightmare but a glimpse into the multiverse, what if they setup the Crisis of infinite earth's and the Anti Monitor is THE baddest of the bad…..AND knowing doing something like this would take a decade or longer to put out, the studio has a great way to reboot and start fresh with new actors retelling epic new stories….10, 15 years down the road. I know it's a pipe dream but think of the epicness, the shear scope that could be accomplished……


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