Batman v Superman Trailer 2 ALL EASTER EGGS (Dawn of Justice Trailer ANALYSIS)


We have ALL the Batman vs. Superman Trailer Easter Eggs! Doomsday reveal! Every Batman vs. Superman Easter Egg and Reference about the Batman vs. Superman plot aka the Dawn of Justice as in the Justice League!

DC’s Batman vs. Superman movie has lots of Superman and Dark Knight references. In the movie Batman vs. Superman we see a fight between the two, yes, but also Doomsday shows up to fight. Wonder Woman is there to help too, but look out for our villain Lex Luthor. We have all them and more in our Batman vs. Superman Trailer Analysis, hot off the tail of Marvel’s Captain America Civil War trailer. Battle of the superhero trailers!

This Batman vs. Superman trailer has so much hidden meaning, easter eggs, and references. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent finally meet thanks to Lex Luthor’s party (also attended by Gal Gadot?) Will we learn more about Batman’s gun? Is that a Batman grenade launcher? If this is the Doomsday reveal, then when will we see Darkseid (not Darkside) Watch out for his parademons too. Can’t wait to see what Batman’s dream aka his Knightmare is all about!





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  1. Maybe Lex is trying to show superman ain't a "god" I mean listen to how devoted he is to prove something. making doomsday proves that lex hates that superman is on top doomsday is the devil. superman is god. and batman is man.

  2. I think superman is leaning down in front of lex is because that rap around his hand that seems to be an injury is actually a shard of kriptanite

  3. Kinda feel like as powerful as superman is Batman is in a position to kill superman but doesn't because he realizes Lex is the real villain hence the "if man won't kill god" line. I think the first fight is in his normal armor and then he smartens up and comes with the bat armor , most likely with the help of kryptonite.

  4. I am 100% certain that the large structure with the lighting going around it during the creation of Doomsday is the Kryptonian ship that crashed in the middle of Metropolis during the Superman/Zod battle. Not to mention that the trailer shows Doomsday being created in the ship's Genesis Chamber.

  5. What do you guys think about doing reaction videos to the trailers? I really enjoy the in-depth analysis of the trailers but I think I'd enjoy the reaction videos as well.


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