BATMAN v SUPERMAN – The Flash Dream Explained

Batman V Superman tried setting up the new Justice League movie with some dream sequences, but they were…confusing. We help make sense out of The Flash sequence.

Huge thanks to collaborator and FX wiz David Bizzaro



  1. This is fucking amazing, I clicked on it expecting one of those boring
    nerdy explanations (nothing wrong with those) but I got this instead, and
    it made me very happy – keep up the great work, fellas

  2. Before this theory starts I just wanna say that this dream proves that
    Supes will go crazy if Lois dies. That’s what I got from it anyways

  3. It wasn’t another dream! Does no one see the papers landing after he wakes
    up from passing out? The same papers that were flying about when Flash woke
    him from his actual dream then made him pass out from the shock or sonic
    boom or whatever? Still a fun vid tho.

  4. “If you look carefully, Zack’s an extra in the background. That’s a little Easter Egg, not in our movie but in the


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