Batman v Superman Teaser Trailer 3 and Best Doomsday Stories


Batman v Superman Teaser Trailer 3 and Best Doomsday Stories. The Death and Return of Superman, Hunter Prey, Lex Luthor, Darkseid and Comic Book Origin Story ►
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  1. Vandal Savage, the Legion of Doom, the Injustice Gang, Maxwell Lord, Ra's al Ghul…I would love for them to eventually adapt elements of the Justice League: Tower of Babel story arc from the comics.

  2. Starro should be the first villain in Justice league movie. He was the first adversary they faced as a group in comics. The movie can have a aliens/zombie vibe with face hugger scenes featuring smaller spores.

  3. Loved in the comics when they had to evacuate Apoclypes when Doomsday showed up.Amused me that someone like Darksied would scared of Doomsday.

  4. For the Justice League movie I would love to see some form of the Legion of Doom.Lex Luthor gathers whatever villains they use in the individual movies together. Probably wouldn't happen just because of the number of characters that would have to be involved.

  5. Best Justice League villain is the United States. When Superman and the founding members are forced to turn themselves in because they are framed or accused of being too powerful is the most interesting. In that story-line Batman disagrees with the decision to surrender and instead attempts to clear the Justice League name. It shines the light on Batman as a detective while bring the powerful man of steel to his knees.


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