Batman v Superman: Sneak Peek From Gotham


The exclusive sneak peek of 2016’s Batman v. Superman from tonight’s episode of Gotham!

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  1. Can some explain to me why someone with X-ray vision would need to physically take off someones mask to see who they are? DC > Marvel in actual comics but Marvel > DC in movies.

  2. Looks like this is defiantly a dream sequence, but damn, really makes me want to see a proper movie where Superman goes fully tyrant. Like a take on the "Injustice" story!

  3. Marvel fans be like, where are the jokes? Where is RDJ shitty jokes? Meaningless action scenes? Why is there a scene in sneek peek which puts shivers down the spine, where are the jokes?

  4. Superman has less hair than Batman..may be! When superman flies his hair decrease.this is why Batman's Mask has been taken by Superman :xD

  5. These new Superman movies have turned him into a complete asshole. First he's a homewrecker, then he's responsible for destroying parts of a city and now he's prison warden at Guantanamo Bay? What happened to the boy scout who hardly ever kills? Hollywood is destroying a hero before Batman even got his hands on him.


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