Batman v Superman Official Trailer 2 Breakdown – Doomsday is Here


Batman v Superman Official Trailer 2. DC Comic Book Easter Eggs Doomsday vs Bizzaro, The Joker Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman Movie, Justice League and Brainiac ►
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  1. I have a theory of the actual plot of movie from the trailer:1) There are no villains in this movie except Doomsday.2) Lex has a plan ( when lois says he's psychotic he says "..that is a 3 syllable word too big for little minds"). His plan is to bring Superman and Batman together by creating Doomsday, he wants them to work together instead of fighting- to do this; have a common enemy, Doomsday3) As this movie is called dawn of justice, it's setting up for the justice league movie…the parademon @2:01 suggest this…and Darksied is antagonist for the Justice League movie4) Lex is actually the anti hero that knows Darkseid is coming and wants to create the Justice League first by bringing Batman, Superman and Wonder Women together by a common enemy, a bit like how Ozymandias from Watchmen stopped the clod war. 5) The rumoured Aquaman and Flash cameos could be done by surveillance of them by lex – looking for other heros to fight Darksied6) The movie is gonna leave on a cliff hanger showing the arrival of Darksied7) I feel like at first lex wants to do the right thing but when everyone realises what he's done and how much lives and destruction he's caused to bring the Justice League together – they will hate him. This will fuel his villain arc for later movies.Let me know what you guys think please :)

  2. Doomsday looks like a rejected ninja turtle That had sexual relations with a LOTR trolland it would have to be Brainiac or Darksied which makes the most sense


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