Batman v Superman Official Teaser Trailer Breakdown and Easter Eggs


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  1. +Emergency Awesome i think this is a Batman Nightmare, because he has these two other people at his side. I bring this up because, its like the crucifixion of JEsus Christ, so he sees himself as the savior of the human race being punished alongside two thieves…….. and Superman is its DEATH??

  2. Definitely a hallucination! Superman wouldn't condone the notion of followers bowing at his feet. This is the manifestation of THE Batman's worst fear.

  3. im feeling the hallucination theory… i mean it would be a creative way of painting the picture of how batman feels and why hes doing what hes doing so yeah i believe that its a dream.

  4. I think it's going to be some sort of dream or Batman thinking about what could happen if superman were to go bad and over use his powers. It will be interesting to see how they do it if it is some sort of dream and how often they will throw in the "dreams/visions".

  5. WB must be high. Ben isn't the definitive Batman that either goes to Keaton or Kevin Conory. Hell Kevin should have played this role if they wanted a true representation of The Batman


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