Batman v Superman Full Story Leak Online? Details & Thoughts


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  1. This description seems to come across as over-stuffed and under-done. Over-stuffed with a lot of stuff with Batman's past and all the members of the justice league being introduced. Underdone as it sounds like the whole Superman vs Batman plot is going to end up being a dud in service of this Lex Luthor drone / Doomsday story. ( Also sounds like Doomsday isn't going to play a role any bigger than a video game style "final boss" )

  2. Sounds awesome. If half that stuff is in there it'll be a DC fan's dream. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, but would be surprised if all that stuff shows up in the film.

  3. How many fake spoilers from marvel are we gonna get, it seems to me, once a month, marvel don't be afraid, respect competition

  4. Zack Snyder wants to Be better than Chris Nolan and he won't be watchmen was shit man of steel was ok and batman v superman looks to get a lot of hate. The dark knight trilogy is still the best.

  5. dammm, I would have said that this is pure fiction in the mind of a DC fanboy because I just could not believe how a movie is completely finished 4 months before its release and because how could a simple random guy see it. But since I've read that James Gunn the director of Guardians of the Galaxy has already seen Civil War and loved it, i could believe that unidentified guy from reddit.

  6. Since CBC didn't said who's playing Hal Jordan. I'm gonna said it down here.!!!!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!Dan Amboyer is gonna play Hal Jordan/Green Lantern


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