BATMAN V SUPERMAN Easters Eggs – Doomsday’s Creation & Origin


Batman V Superman & Man Of Steel has a number of Easter Eggs and references that hint towards the creation of Doomsday. And this video takes a good hard look at all of them.

Doomsdays origin in the comics looks to be very different from what we’ll be getting in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice in 2016. For one, he wasn’t created by Earth scientist/businessman/madman Lex Luthor. He was an alien baby thrown out onto the ancient and brutal world of Krypton only to be promptly destroyed. He was then cloned, sent back out again where he was destroyed immediately. Again. That happened over and over until he was Doomsday or something. It’s sciene 101.

In this versions the Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman Easter Eggs and references indicate that he’s a result of retrieved or stolen Kryptonian tech fused with General Zods dead body. Seeings as the scout ship Superman disabled over Metropolis never left the area it’s entirely possible that Lex Luthor was able to get the remnants of the Kryptonian Birthing Matrix going to Frankenstien Zod into Doomsday. Does this mean we’ll see a more traditional Doomsday down the line? Does that mean we’ll see the Death Of Superman storyline which sees him killed at the hands of Doomsday like we did in 1992? Both seem unlikely at this point, we don’t even know this Superman but as a wise man once said, Never Say Never.

And that man, was JUSTIN BIEBER. Twist.

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  1. In the New 52 Lex Luther created Bizarro, what if "Doomsday" is actually Bizarro! (If he is, however, I will be very disappointed.) Have they ever officially said it was Doomsday in the movie? (Probably). If not, the theory stands.

  2. Doomsday will be doomed in this movie! See what I did….there?I can see the whole internet hunting for me right now. I prefer to be called "Richard Cranium".

  3. Lately you've been pushing out tons of vids!!! All really good, but I'm a little concerned. Don't overdo it, okay? We're content to wait….well not content, but we *can wait. As evidenced by your typos, I think you're doing alot of late nights. Just take it easy, yeah. I really like you…..hugs

  4. what if they do a Amazing spiderman 2 on us and seeing Dooms Day is just the end of the film like with Rhino!!!!!!?!??!!!!???;!!!!

  5. I've always seen Doomsday as a plot device, rather than a character. Which I guess isn't that bad considering that when they tried making him into a character on Smallville, it was weird as fuck. He was like Zod's son or something and turned into Doomsday like he was the Hulk or something, then Clark blew him up in a warehouse?Fucking bonkers mate.

  6. I just realized that your avatar is an antropomorphic animal and all that that implies. Please don't be a furry PLEASE PLEASE P-L-E-A-S-E!!!

  7. I'm hoping that this is just Doomsday's introduction, and he'll come back in Justice League fully grown with his beard and large spikes


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