BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE TV Spot #5 (2016) Ben Affleck DC Superhero Movie HD

809 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice TV Spot #5 (2016) Ben Affleck DC Superhero Movie HD

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  1. Sooooo…… this is getting shittier by the trailer. I had such high hopes after the first and second trailers but after the last one and now this TV spot, I'm just losing more and more of that hope. C'MON DC/WB for ONCE don't fuck up a modern Superman film. PLEAAASSSE.

  2. Batman gets arrested for attempted vehicular homicide.Superman slowly eats a Greek yogurt while death-staring toward the camera.ROLL CREDITS.

  3. Superman was pretty awesome.Batmam…well I think Supes facial expressions says what's on our mind a…"what is wrong with you dude".

  4. HOLY SHITTT!! BEN AFFLECK LOOKS PERFECT AS BATMAN! and the Superman suit looks beautiful.this movie looks beautifully shot!!!

  5. This movie is going to suck, worst tv spot ever, what? that was supposed to be funny, Badass Batman bouncing off Superman and crashing his car, and the fanboys love this?? Denial Denial


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