BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE TV Spot #3 (2016) Ben Affleck DC Superhero Movie HD

987 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice TV Spot #3 (2016) Ben Affleck DC Superhero Movie HD

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  1. Translation :-We've got direct orders from the fuhrer to kill the batman !-nonsense ! he's not the one you're looking for ! it's Lex Eisenberg !-open the gas chambers !!!

  2. "Today is a day for truth your gonna go to war, this son of a bitch is the one who brought the war to us, god vs man, vs the bat of gotham. Stay Down! I wanted it you'll be dead already! It is time what it learns to be a man. Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice in Real d 3D in theaters March 24 (Translated)


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