Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice runtime revealed? – Collider


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice runtime revealed? – Collider

The highly anticipated BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is now just 3 months away and fans are more anxious than ever to find out as many details about the film as possible. This weekend a report began to circulate around the web that a German theatre company had revealed the runtime for the Superhero team up movie. According to the reports BATMAN V SUPERMAN will come in at 2 hours and 31 minutes, making it 8 minutes longer than the previous film in the series, MAN OF STEEL.

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  1. It better have this run time, movies like this I want to see more and enjoy it more. avengers age of ultron should have been longer, especially with some of the important  deleted scenes. Civil war better be this run time or dense with them arguing and fighting each other.

  2. It's actually quite amazing that people have disregarded all the other parts of Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal where he doesn't act like that in favor his interaction with Clark and Bruce. There were other trailers where he speaks and interacts with characters and doesn't act goofy. His conversation with the senator is clearly different.

  3. im more concerned about the dialogue. i hope its not terrible like MOS with everyone talking the exact same as each other in big grand speeches like theyre in a play.

  4. I'm glad it's long for now, just because if all of these characters and story points are in it, 151 minutes would allow for them to be developed properly. I just hope that the movie really is full of important stuff without any fluff thrown in there. I'm still a believer in the film (also, I loved Man of Steel, yet I do recognize that there are issues with it).

  5. I don't want to pay $18 dollars for 90 min. movie, 140 min. feels more worth it. But yea, it depends on the movie overall.

  6. Your host is simply lovely. =) And the ugly man with the beard talks true shit! And the last guy with his 10 minutes "too long whining" has to shut up!


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