Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Trailer 2 REACTION! | React DangIT!!!


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  1. Doomsday is only in his first form. He will die in this movie and that will lead him to evolve into the doomsday we all know. The doomsday we know will be the villain in the first part of justice League and Darkseid will be the villain in the 2nd part of justice League.

  2. These guys are complaining about having too many bad guys in the movie then I hope they don't watch any of the Marvel movies coming out soon, and too many villains did not ruin Spider-Man 3, it was Toby McGuire and his dancing.

  3. man i tried to like this guys so much. i dont understand y do u guys keep talking through out the whole video. u guys hav no idea of the source material. u should seriously re think of making ur reaction vids better. n on top of that, the subscribe button through out the whole video is annoying as fuk. thnq hav a gud day. unsub :@

  4. next time, shut up first before giving unnecessary commentaries while the scenes are rolling. annoying. anyway, can't get fair judgment from a bunch who didn't even know Jesse Eisenberg who is by they way more popular than micheal cera.

  5. as a friend to help you guys out doing a reaction video. Don't talk over the trailer your watching and miss so many of the dialouge of scenes. Not only it ticks people off when they want to hear a show but someone keeps on talking. Talk and ask questions after you finish watching the video. You guys are pretty cool though from everything else.


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