Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Trailer 2 [HD]


Zack Snyder’s BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is in theaters March 25, 2016.



  1. I still think they missed the mark with Lex. Jesse is a good actor but I honestly don't think he'll be able to play a decent Lex. He doesn't sound manly enough. Lex Luthor is a character who's always in control. Ruthless, but fair and a force to be reckoned with. This guy is a fucking fairy.


  3. I still think it's not Doomsday & I hope I am right. I think it is just a "Frankenstein monster-like" creature/prototype ; a product of Lex Luthor's researches on Zod's corpse & kryptonite. What I hope is that it's just an earthling beta/simplified version of what has already been done on Krypton, by kryptonian scientists, when they created Doomsday, many years ago… And if I am right, then it would be a nice introduction to what can happen when you play with kryptonian DNA ; but scientists from Earth are not as aware about kryptonian biology & technology as scientists from Krypton are… Which could prepare us for the real Doomsday, who could be in his ressurection process since many years (?) I hope so, because I don't like the idea of LexCorp creating Doomsday, based on Zod's corpse. Because, being the subjects of years of experiences & sufferings (death, reborn,…etc) on Krypton, making him hate everything (any living form) but death/destruction ! It is deeper, scarier & more menacing than just being undead Zod's 2.0 … Just my opinion. I don't say it is gonna be bad, because I am not one of those who have the power to know that a movie is gonna be good or bad, only based on a trailer (a good trailer does not always make a good movie & vice-versa)… I believe that the movie has a fantastic potential to be really cool. And even if it really is Doomsday, we don't know how it's gonna be introduced into the story 😉 We'll see !!… Wonder Woman is the cherry on the cake ! Gal Gadot's presence has a great charisma 🙂 #TeamWonderWoman #GirlPower :D

  4. I was a little disappointed with the tone of the trailer. But it's Zack Snyder, he usually keeps things under wrap, so I doubt he'd give too much away that would spoil the movie. Everyone already suspected Doomsday anyway. It wouldn't have been that much of a surprise that he shows up and they end up working things out and fight together… (psst, it's in the synopsis). But one thing did break my upset mood over this trailer, not that there aren't things I like about it, but the hints of Darkseid at 2:01. I'm beginning to think that clip of Batman chained up with super pissed Superman is Superman being controlled by Darkseid. Why else would Superman be that pissed at Batman like that? He looks plain mean as fuck in that clip. I'm telling you something else is going on. I don't know how they're going to make all this work, but it's not spoiled.

  5. This trailer is such a huge relief. Now we know at least that DC CU won't be all that dahk abd ghitty. Now I may say that I'm excited for that movie. Bonus points for Batman that has a normal sounding voice. :-D

  6. I don't understand everyone's hate for this trailer. The big complaint that they showed the 'whole plot' is dumb. We already knew months and months ago that Batman and Superman's fight would eventually end up in a draw because huge hint ' Dawn of Justice '. They were obviously sometime in this film going to put aside their differences to fight a greater threat. The fact that now it's confirmed Doomsday is about it, doesn't change anything to what we already knew what the basis of the plot is. Also, can you think of any superhero film that hasn't shown the villains in it's trailers? That's right, it doesn't exist, every trailer for all of these superhero films has shown the villain in the trailer.


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