Batman Themes – Rock/Metal Covers


My rock/metal covers of the Batman themes.

I recorded these tunes for the Angry Video Game Nerd’s “Batman” episode in 2008.

The themes in the order they appear in the track:

Batman 1966 Theme
Batman 1989 Theme
Batman Forever/Batman and Robin Theme
Batman Begins/The Dark Knight Theme

Guitars, bass, vocals, drum programming, and production by Chris Holland.



  1. 00:00 1966 Batman TV Show Theme 0:44 ’89 Batman Theme 1:28 Batman Forever/
    Batman and Robin Themes and 2:16 The Dark Knight Theme, for those of you
    who want to see all the theme songs!

  2. Sadly this doesn’t include the theme from THE DARK KNIGHT, but rather,
    “Molossus” from Batman Begins (which is also a great track).

  3. Hey I stumble on this by autoplay of youtube. The Flickpick use this in his
    video right? Sounds awesome!

  4. Batman: Revenge of the Joker!
    Batman: Return of the Joker!
    Batman Forever!
    Batman: Return of the Joker on Game Boy!
    And last but not least, Batman on Commodore 64!!


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