Batman ‘The New Sidekick Duke’ – Rebirth Complete Story

There actually isnt a book for this as far as I know yet. Its official name is Cursed Wheel. It takes place in the back ups for All Star Batman. But for Duke this is his first focused storyline as Batmans sidekick, instead of being a We Are Robin character. Anyone wondering where Duke came from it was there, during a period where Batman was missing a gang of kids started the Robin gang to carry on his name. When Batman returned he recruited Duke to join him as something new as he put it.

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  1. Dukes been around since 2013 in the comics. He just recently became a sidekick. He was in Zero Year and Endgame. He also had his own series called We Are Robin

  2. Thing is, what’s going to be his name once he becomes a full hero? He can’t go around calling himself Duke, and he can’t call himself Batboy considering he’s not a boy, Batman’s already taken, so what?


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