Batman in Arrow? #SHRoundup


Does Batman exist in Arrow, plus Reverse-Flash returns on #SHRoundup!
News 1:05 / Agent Carter 14:14 / Flash 25:03 / Arrow 39:11 / Legends 51:15 / Pull List 1:02:23

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  1. I think Batman was mentioned during a Flash episode by Harrison Wells when Barry teams up with Oliver for the first time. Something about how the Arrow is seen as a vigilante and the Flash is seen as a Hero. Or it may have been said by Detective Lance in the Arrow universe at some point when comparing how Star city doesn't need its' own Batman equivalent.

  2. I know the fight scenes in LOT were awesome, but as I was watching them I was thinking, "Hai, aren't the Legends straight up murdering people? Does that not fuck with the timeline significantly?" In that fight at Savage's house they kill like dozens of people. You can't tell me that the 2 characters shooting walls of fire and the guy with an ice gun aren't horribly killing those guards lol.

  3. Matt is right. Batman was mention back in the first Flarrow cross over (108). When Barry was defending The Arrow to Joe and Harrison.

  4. I 100% agree that the 2nd Legends episode was poorly done and really not that good IMO. Hope the show gets better, but it has take 1 step forward with the premiere and 2 big steps backwards with the 2nd episode.

  5. if anyone is interested about the black goo/zero matter it's doctor strange related and if you want more info on the subject click to the latest agent carter video on youtube channel EmergencyAwesome

  6. Wait wtf people have liked the second half of the second season of the flash it's been pretty bad so far, probably the worst that the show has ever been. It feels like the show is about to jump off the cliff and become just a bad show.

  7. if some people can't move forward and can't handle seeing someone in the role of Wolverine… what if, instead of casting a new male Wolverine, why introduce X23 on the next Wolverine movie and let her continue as Wolverine going forward….it'll be easier, I think, for people to accept seeing someone other than Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

  8. I'm still really confused with the hole time travel thing because I thought when eddy killed himself that made eboard thawn not exist because he was never born so regardless what happens and when he comes back in the future he can't come back because with eddy dead thawn never existed….somebody help me out please…?lol

  9. Heatwave is easily my favorite thing about Legends of Tomorrow. I have so much fun watching the show. Agent Carter is a show I wish I could have watched as a kid, while I know Supergirl is a show I would have loved as a little girl. (I lost it when Howard ask Jarvis if he could fondue with Velveeta cheese.) I loved how Patty figured out that Barry was Flash. Use those detective skills, girl! I'm going to miss Patty 🙁 The 100 may be the best show on the CW, but I have a freaking blast while watching Legends of Tomorrow.

  10. The last 3-4 episodes of Arrow has probably been the absolute best… It turned so dark, but so good, and everything is so on point!

  11. Pretty sure Harrison wells said batman in season one of the flash where he told him he wasn't a hero the type like batman or the arrow


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