Batman Fights The Hulk (Marvel/DC Crossover #2)




  1. so if Batman can hurt the hulk and supposedly beat him why can’t Batman
    beat Bane why does he have a difficult time do that means Batman can beat
    zues as Well ? idk what’s going on but they are confusing the audience

  2. DC fans don’t get it. Batman fighting Hulk is like fighting Doomsday. Go
    for it, Bats. And you think Bane was strong?

  3. I was so surprised in Batman VS Superman, the movie, that Batman took it so
    easy on Superman and Doomsday. Why didn’t he just slap them on the ears and
    end it? Dur!

  4. Hulk should be able to absolutely destroy Batman. Even if Batman had a
    little time to prepare the Hulk would still squash him. Not even a contest
    for pissed off hulk I’d think. Batman is a cool character but come on…

  5. The Joker is Bruce Wayne, who went crazy after his parents died. Batman is
    an imposter, found by Alfred, to pose as Wayne. That’s why Bruce traveled
    the world for years so no one would recognize him.

  6. +Comicsexplained you should if you already havent,,Do a video on the cosmic
    lore of narvel because that whole cubes & Multiple universes is a really
    cool thing

  7. Superman doesn’t kill Batman because deep down, he’s a good guy.

    Hulk has no such apprehensions. Hulk would squish Batman into the pavement.

  8. batman is nothing without preparing
    he should study then only he can fight but he fights very worstly like bvs
    he cant go nearer to doomsday
    how can he defeat hulk with one shot

  9. Lol check out all of the anti batman fans out there. Wanting to prove that
    brain vs brawn doesn’t matter. Batman fought an old version of Hulk. He
    didn’t just kick him and cause pain. Read the actual comic Batman says
    himself it got him from surprise than pain.
    Superman beats Hulk and Hulk loses to Batman. Obviously without Kryptonite
    batman would lose. But Hulk was focusing on not breathing not getting
    angrier. Batman fought Gods (lost but still ) base lvl hulk? He should
    catch him by surprise getting kicked in the stomach

  10. this is downright silly. don’t forget how durable hulk is, he’s not just
    strong …if batman kicks, punches the hulk…his limbs should snap, just
    like in the deadpool movie, when deadpool hits colossus with everything
    he’s got, and snaps his wrists and ankles, silly crossover, that should
    never have happened. this is just as bad as the batman/spawn crossovers.

  11. Anyone burst out in laughs when batman called Hulk ” Big Green Gorilla” LOL
    has to be the best insult Batman can give to hulk

  12. If the hulk emits gamma radiation why doesn’t he kill everyone around him
    without the need to touch them individually? I guess he needs to hit
    something to emit it but those surrounding him should die surely?

  13. For those that dont realise batman’s main weapon is his brain and this is
    why he defeats greater opponents. Its the same as a big guy on roids
    running towards a skinny kid, who will win the one with better logic.

  14. Could you do a video on Apocalypse versus Galactus? I was searching for it
    just now and the only video that wasn’t a fighting game, was by some body
    who seemed unable to speak. Akin to an illiterate person reading out loud.
    Would be awesome man.

  15. dont underrate batman too much or overrate it well if hes fighting someone
    like this its obvious that he can beat him because of his smartness and
    hard training, and never underestimate the writer because they know what
    theyre doing. tell me if you are better than the writer.


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