A brief look at some of the Easter Eggs and references that point to a fan theory that Batman is really Slade Wilson/Deathstroke.

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  1. Can you guys PLEASE just do a video of you two just singing all of the best / worst theme songs for comic book movies. I was crying laughing at 4:17

  2. For the record, it's an out there theory, but at the end of the day it's a theory made my somebody who doesn't want Affleck as Wayne and is being refuted by people who like the idea. (By the way, The idea of one of hollywood's best directors as a good fit for Batman is just the worst)

  3. This theory is fucking stupid if it's true I will be mad christen bale is done being batman, man of steel is not part of the nolanverse and never will, suicide squad takes place during batman v superman, Ben affleck is playing Bruce Wayne, jeremy irons is Alfred, Jena Malone is Barbra Gordon aka batgirl, dick Grayson is the new joker, Gordon is died, Jason is died until he becomes red hood, catwoman is in hiding, the real joker is died, and this theory is bullshit

  4. I think that the joker has called him and he fought it was alfrid but it wasn't and he turned up it was a little girl so decided to save her but sees the red cape and wanted revenge on this person he didn't know and all the Wayne tower destroyed

  5. lmao this theory is way to much bullshit that plot twist would never work in a movie I mean get real Slade has one eye Ben affleck has two he's Bruce Wayne not Slade. Bale is my favorite batman but that doesn't mean I need to bash afflect and make up some bullshit theory that makes no since ( no affence) just because I can't except a new guy I think afflect might be better than bale when we see what he has to offer . but the Jason Todd theory for joker makes a lot of since but this theory doesn't.

  6. Its kinda like saying iron man is red skull or something no I have a funnier one spiderman is green lantern . lol any way I do like your theory's there interesting this one just doesn't make since and won't happen.


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