Batman Betrays The Justice League (JLA Tower Of Babel Part 2)


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  1. Yes plans should be made, given that heroes can be mind controlled,
    Possessed or just go rogue. I remember Spider-Man saying in a comic that
    all heroes look at each other in battle to try to find an edge just in
    case. I’m sure stronger heroes feel they don’t need plans, but people like
    Bat man has plans,Professor -X has plans, ironman has suits. I’m sure all
    heroes have played the what if game in there heads. It’s just smart too in
    that line of work.

  2. I think Batman was right to do what he did because like he said, they are
    all extremely powerful beings that all have the resources to cause harm to
    a lot of people.

  3. Batman is right. Any member of the JL is able to kill millions of people at
    best, and potentially destroy the world (Superman, Manhunter etc) if they
    were to be controlled or go evil. And its not like its unheard of for
    Heroes to turn evil like Hal Gordon did.

  4. I totally agree with Batman’s logic..but why hasn’t he put his parents in
    some bunker or tomb?..I’m pretty sure he understands his own weaknesses..
    but he is only human..


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