Batman: Arkham VR Solves Who Murdered Nightwing

Nightwing has been murdered and it’s up to you to solve it in the most realistic, immersive Batman gaming experience ever created. In this DC All Access games clip, Tiffany talks to Rocksteady’s Gaz Deaves about the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham VR. What are some of the things you’ll get to do and experience? Who will you be interacting with? And what does it feel like to BE Batman? DC All Access and Batman: Arkham VR have the answers!

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  1. Is this part of the Arkham series? If so does it take places after Arkahm
    Knight because Nightwing was still alive.

  2. Nightwing isn’t dead or rather he doesn’t stay dead. This is a lead up to
    the Grayson Spy arc. It’s a part of DC’s more current stories or so I’m
    guessing. DC won’t kill off the definitive Robin. He is way too important
    to comics as a whole.

  3. in batman : Arkham asylum 1989 batman is losing his mind inside a cell and
    ends up stabbing his hand to keep himself in check with reality. I wonder
    if at the end of the game you can break the mirror in that cell and stab
    your hand . which means that all the events that lead to the final scene
    wouldn’t be real he was already stuck in that cell. which kinda goes with
    the batman games story once you beat the joker he is thrown in a tiny cell
    . but what if batman threw himself away? as you can see joker has some hold
    on him and making a sacrifice to make sure he does no harm throws himself
    in arkham cell.


    there, I just saved you a little bit of time and a bunch of money. You’re

  5. For all those wondering, Nightwing is killed. But *KEEP IN MIND* this is
    *CANON* and is set *BETWEEN* Arkham City and Arkham Knight. Let that sink
    in please….

  6. So I’m scrolling through my recommendations then see this, see that my
    favorite character is dead. Hopefully not but once I read that I clicked on
    it then disliked it immediately, YOU RUINED IT ROCKSTEADY


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