Banjo-Kazooie by Stivitybobo in 1:29:17 – Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 – Part 124

This is a speedrun of Banjo-Kazooie by Stivitybobo from Awesome Games Done Quick 2016. The run starts at 2:45.

AGDQ2016 raised over ,200,000 for Prevent Cancer Foundation, and is just one of the many charity marathons from Games Done Quick.

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  1. Around 40:00 ish.

    I didn’t grow up with Banjo-Kazooie and haven’t really cared about the
    francise and the only reason I’m watching this right now is because I’m
    bored but… I feel really bad for the two of them. They must’ve gotten a
    killer headache from all that out of bounds failing. :'(

  2. for the speedrunner is it just me or just on the 7th flap if they are close
    to the corner of the slope and then do that move it works, atleast by the

  3. It’s hardly his fault either. He mostly does 100% runs and this really
    threw him off multiple times, especially with tricks exclusive to this
    category and its route.
    I have an assumption based on literally no facts or research what-so-ever
    that maybe stivity doesn’t get to decide how much time he is given at AGDQ
    either, meaning he probably wanted to do 100% like his practice favored,
    but their schedule forced him to settle otherwise.
    He really is incredible at speed running but a game like this relies so
    much on muscle-memory, not just understanding how to break super-specific
    game mechanics like beak-bomb collision.

  4. Thankful there isn’t an abundance of comments about stivitys situaiton a
    few years back like last years run.

  5. That shark scared the shit out of me when I was a kid, the metal one and
    the magical teleporting invisible one


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