Azure Mines Ep. 1: HARAMBE IS IN MINEBLOX!? (Minecraft+Roblox)

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Azure Mines is like Minecraft in Roblox! We’re in charge of restoring an old mining facility back to it’s former glory. We search for rare ores and goodies buried deep inside the earth in this tycoon style game. Let’s build a really cool mining facility in this game made by BerezaGames!

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  1. Hey mijit this game is really additcting I have a emerald pick and I can’t
    stop playing keep playing this game sorry this is so long

  2. Azure mines is my fave game along with lumber tycoon if you want I can give
    you the best ore dragon glass azure and all that good stuff my gamer tag is

  3. Im a master on that game also i unsub you from unfriending me hahahaha no
    more sub from me the reason why i unfriend you is that i really wanna
    friend with you but you just unfriended me so i unsub you


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