Avengers Infinity War Spider Man Doctor Strange Marvel Timeline Explained

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  1. I’m more hyped for Doctor Strange that’s going to be trippy as fudge!!
    Spider Man: homecoming sounds cool and the behind the set photo’s look
    great but right now I’m hyped for Doctor Strange and Thor Ragnoarok!!!

  2. I love the way you are putting this all together. Too bad I’m less than
    fond of the new Spiderman actor, but I will keep an open mind and wait for
    him to convince me.

  3. didn’t kevin feige already said or implied that he is making sure doctor
    strange is a very likable character for that reason I think marvel does
    have big plans for doctor strange and that phase 4 may have to do with him
    more or trying to make him the next tony stark/iron man. btw it will happen
    that spider man will be the leader of the avengers eventually or replace
    iron man as marvel’s new cash cow. but if homecoming flops or doesn’t do
    good then idk. but for sure its spider man.

  4. Didn’t the producers confirm that Dr strange did not have his powers at the
    time at the time of his name drop in The Winter Soldier?

  5. Spider-Man is definitely going to be the biggest character going forward in
    the MCU!! Which is why I think the Marvel execs REALLY stressed starting
    Perter Parker/Spider-Man as a freshman in high school. This way the fans
    can follow a journey with Spider-Man that is longer and incorporates more
    villains. Without a doubt, they are going to be patient with Spider-Man and
    by the time he has a third movie, we will see the Sinister Six.
    But Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther will definitely be the
    ‘big dogs’ in the MCU. They will be what holds the franchise up! If their
    first solo movies knock the socks off of audiences, and score big at the
    box-office, there should not be much to worry about when Phase 4 rolls
    It’s so genius of them to have such great players in this game to help hold
    the franchise up because by the time we see Captain Marvel’s first solo
    movie, we will at least know that Marvel has other hits to lean on. If
    Captain Marvel isn’t what they expect to get at the box-office, at least
    that won’t mean the the franchise is in trouble!
    So excited!! Can’t wait!!

  6. I always wonder about the people who vote “thumbs down” on Charlie’s
    videos. I’m like “what on earth didn’t you like?” Because Charlie is one of
    the best reviewers of genre movies and TV on YouTube.

  7. I love your Videos on all of these, you explain things well and have fun
    with your videos. Plus they aren’t movies, keep it up!!

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    scientifically speaking there is no such thing as time or space but one
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