Avengers Infinity War Doctor Strange Marvel Illuminati Teaser Breakdown

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  1. MCU Illumintai: Iron man, nick fury, dr strange, vision. Everyone else like
    thor, captain america, captain marvel etc are too goody good to be part of
    this group that has to take morally gray decisions. One person I would love
    to have in this group is loki, after thor removes him from the throne.

  2. charlie I just watched Dr Strange. it was fantastic. I have not read any
    comics and your show made me want to go watch it. Can you suggest which
    comic book volumes should I read

  3. My (Babyjocster) MCU idea for Marvel’s Illuminati…

    In the formation of the members for the team i included the following…

    1. Which character should be on the team.

    2. How is the infinity stone “Safeguarded” (if possible) by the related

    3. How does it shape the future events of the MCU.

    – Dr. Strange (Time Stone) = Based on what we’ve seen, he already has it in
    his solo movie. This means that he’ll have the most experience over anyone
    else on the team. It just makes sense.

    – How does he Safeguard the Time Stone? = Using the Time Stone he’ll seal
    it away in the “Savage Land”. Thinking it would be safer there than in his
    own time line.

    – How does it shape the MCU? = It opens up the door for future stories set
    forth in the Savage Land & Quasar…it’s just that simple. Dormammu is
    pretty much a given in future stories for Dr. Strange. So it’s stupid for
    it to be trapped in Dormammu’s dimension.

    – Ironman (Power Stone) = After the battle with Thanos, Stark secretly uses
    the Power Stone to…well you guessed it POWER UP his future armors.

    – How does he Safeguard the Power Stone? = in a NEW Stark Tower he hides it
    away in a underground facility & Arc Reactor. This is how he powers up his

    – How does this shape the future events of the MCU? = Because of his
    tampering with the Power Stone, Tony Stark ends up becoming the SUPERIOR
    Iron Man. This could mark the 4th and final movie for Iron Man & be Robert
    Downey Jr’s bow out to the character.

    – Black Panther (Soul Stone) = T’Challa eventual becomes THE KING OF THE
    DEAD, in the Comics. So it only makes sense for him to have the Soul Stone.
    As the newly appointed King & the weight of the crown on his head, T’Challa
    seeks guidance for the people of Wakanda. Using the Soul Stone he turns to
    his ancestors for help…namely his Father T’Chaka.

    – How does he Safeguard the Soul Stone? = Using the Soul Stone, it is kept
    in a Forbidden grave site deep within the jungles of Wakanda. It’s
    protected by “Zombies”, ghosts, ghouls & “OTHER” Dead creatures of the

    Side NOTE = Black Panther has be stated to be the most serious & darkest
    (not necessarily physically) Character in the MCU.

    – How does this shape the future events of the MCU? = This can help open
    the doors to several different things with the help of Ghost Rider from
    Agents of Shield.
    1. We can finally put Blade in the MCU, if he isn’t in it by that time.
    2. We could get the Howling Commandos, for those of you who know who they
    3. IF…& I DO MEAN IF Marvel EVER wants to do a Marvel ZOMBIES movie, this
    could lead up to it.
    4. Piggybacking off of #3, IF Marvel ever decides to do a story off of the
    2nd “Secret War” then T’Challa could lead an Army of the Dead in that movie.

    These next 2 are only if Marvel gets the rights to them…

    – Mr. Fantastic (Space Stone) = Due to the Fantastic 4 getting their powers
    out it Space, I found this to be the most suiting for Reed Richards.

    – How does he Safeguard the Space Stone? = Reed being curious of what else
    is out there in Space, discovers the “Negative Zone”. It is here that he
    stores the Space Stone.

    – How does this shape the future events of the MCU? = Unbeknownst to Reed
    Richards, thinking that their couldn’t be any life in the Negative Zone,
    this could be our introduction to Annihilus. Marvel should call these movie
    Future Foundation instead of the name Fantastic 4.

    – Namor (Mind Stone) = I’ll just jump straight to how he Safeguards it…

    How does he Safeguard the Mind Stone? = 1st off i just want to say, that i
    know he isn’t Aquaman…Namor would hide the Mind Stone in the deepest
    darkest part of the Ocean & use it to control the many different fishes of
    the sea to protect it.

    – How does this shape the future events of the MCU? = Ever heard of Fin
    Fang FOOM? Look it up…because that’s all i got lol. Namor didn’t know
    that Fin Fang Foom was locked away in the deepest park of the ocean floor.
    By hiding the Mind Stone there it awakened him. This could be used for one
    of Namor’s Solo movies.

    These 2 only after they’re introduced in the MCU…I am the most unfamiliar
    with these 2.

    – Black Bolt (Reality Stone) = I’ll just jump straight to how he Safeguards

    – How does he Safeguard the Reality Stone? = Using the Reality Stone Black
    Bolt hides his city of Inhumans from the rest of the World, warping it. If
    the World can’t find there City, then no one can find the Reality Stone!

    – How does this shape the future events of the MCU? = Black Bolt also uses
    the Reality Stone speed up the process of creating more Inhumans, instead
    of just the Terrigen mist.

    – Captain Marvel (Infinity Gauntlet) = Once again I’ll just jump straight
    to how She Safeguards it.

    – How does She Safeguard the Infinity Gauntlet? = The short answer is…She
    DOESN’T! While flying through space Captain Marvel stumbles across the
    Skrull Army. Being the 1st earthling to encounter them, She is then
    Captured & the Skrulls take the Infinity Gauntlet away from her…

    – How does this shape the future events of the MCU? = SECRET INVASION &
    SKRULL INVASION! This could also lead into sequels for Captain Marvel & how
    she escaped her capture.

    As you can see, each Infinity Stone was unique to the member of the
    Illuminati & can up with dire consequences.

  4. Dr. Strange fucked with the time gem. Mordo basicly said he fucked up with
    possibility. BOOM, ! Now the Xmen coexist in the same universe

  5. I think that the iluminati group should be Iron Man, black panther, doctor
    strange, namor, black bolt, captain marvel, and star lord


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