ARKHALLA SEDUCTION NYCC Comic Con Exclusive From ARH Studios

ARKHALLA Seduction

Arkhalla, the Queen of Vampires is the supreme ruler of UR, an empire formed by vampires and humans who live in the same land as masters and servants. Set in the Mesopotamia region, over 5,000 years ago, ARKHALLA’s story will fascinate and captivate you as never before. Extremely sensual and completely uninhibited, ARKHALLA is a woman who seeks pleasure and dominance over all she rules.

Until the day, ARKHALLA falls in love, and the undying queen’s story changes forever! Kneeling over her portal-mirror to the gods below with her skull goblet at her feet, ARKHALLA holds her ceremonial knife ready to slash those who fall for her almost hypnotic attraction.

Based on ARKHALLA’s first Graphic Novel story, “The Queen of Vampires” by ARH ComiX, this fascinating 1/3rd scale Polystone statue captures all the sensuality and captivating beauty of the undying queen. For the first time ever in a completely nude sculpture, featuring magnetic removal top and bottom pieces, this statue is sure to impress you.

Masterfully sculpted by Ehren Bienert and painted by Arahom Radjah, this EX version is the only to feature the queen’s scepter.



  1. Congrats she looks amazing but i can understand all the issues I would be
    worry all the time since she is not stable. She does look amazing paint and
    design but the engineering. thanks for sharing

  2. It’s an amazing piece. The detail alone makes up for the lack of security
    of the loin cloth and such. That and the lack of being able to pin it down
    would bother me too. Don’t think the design department did enough to
    solidify that. But, overall, I think it’s amazing and if put in a spot that
    it would be safe? Yeah, it would be a damn good center piece for a

  3. just a friendly warning: your detolf cabinets are not assembled correctly;
    the metal rods (which holds the glass shelves) on the right side of your
    detolfs are turned around… it should be inwards, not outwards. The way
    you have it now risks the shelve getting dropped (and your statues).

  4. great review marty great statue highly detailed. I agree with you on the
    base having no support and no magnets to hold the dresses in place.

  5. beautiful piece but what a shame that there is no pegs. It is kinda weird
    how they didn’t put pegs to prevent her from moving maybe because it
    wouldn’t look so great thats the only reason i could think of. Like the
    left knee maybe u can put a peg there but idk where else they could put a
    peg unless they completely planted her right foot, maybe that is the
    reason, engineering they didnt think that far ahead after the sculpt. I was
    never really impressed with ARH pieces, they looked alright but this stands
    out and i love the base and the little cup and of course the scuclpt of the
    vampire. Congrats on the piece

  6. I was wondering what is your order# of this piece on ARH website. I was
    assessing the progress of their shipping by this way because it is
    difficult to get them to reply emails lol.


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